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Lawn Spraying Services

Serving Cache Valley, Northern Utah and Southeastern Idaho

The professional application equipment, combined with our commercial strength chemicals and methods, give you maximum effectiveness, per dollar spent!

We provide you with the flexibility of a four-point lawn program, or a variety of single applications to fit your needs. Our 4 step "yearly" program is your answer to a beautifyl yard.

  • Early Spring Green-Up: Brings fertilizer and broadleaf herbicide weed control with pre-emergence control for invasive weeds.
  • Late Spring: Renews the fertilizer and broadleaf weed control
  • Summer: Fertilizer application, sometimes in a granular form.
  • Fall: A special application of heavy fertilizer to prepare your lawn for winter and a final broadleaf/dandelion control.

We also provide general yard and foliage insect treatments.

Grass being treated with lawn care spraying

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